EPIC LUCKY BLOCK MOD in MCPE!!! – Infernal Lucky Block Mod – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Lucky Block Mod Overview

The Lucky Block Infernal mod adds a block which when destroyed can cause one out of 35 different things to happen. Most of them are dangerous but nobody would willingly put themselves in danger unless there was an incentive. Try it for yourself! 🙂

Lucky Block Mod Review

How to install this mod follow step by step

1. Open block launcher open up launcher option and go on top texture pack and locate the file you downloaded which is below

2. Close block launcher or back out to main screen on BL

3. Then open up modpescript and import the mod

4. IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THIS mod will give you some errors (Idk why it does that with certain mods)

5. Enjoy the mod!

Lucky Block Mod Texture  (Import first)

Lucky Block Mod Script (Import second)