ELYTRA WINGS in MCPE!!! – Elytra Wings Mod in 0.13.0 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Elytra Wings Mod Overview

Welcome to another mod showcase, today i show you guys the Elytra wings mod for minecraft pocket edition! The elytra wings is a new feature the the Minecraft PC version and now we have a little similar concept of it in pocket edition but a mod of course!

Elytra Wings Mod Review

How to download this mod (Step by step)

1 – Have the newest block launcher which im sure you already have

2 – Download both links below texture pack and the mod script

3- Open block launcher and import the texture pack and then import the mod which will work either way

4- Enjoy the Elytra wings mod for pocket edition! 🙂

Download both files and import into block launcher

Elytra Wings Script Download

Elytra Wings Texture Pack Download