ELEVATOR MOD in MCPE!!! – Up & Down Elevators in 0.13.0 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Elevator Mod Overview

Hey guys! Welcome to another incredible mod for minecraft pocket edition 0.13.0! today’s mod is an elevator mod this is really useful to get to higher places much faster then using the ordinary stair case or ladder! Check out the mod for yourself (Android only)

Elevator Mod Review

How to install this mod in blocklauncher (ANDROID ONLY)

1. Install block launcher if you haven’t already

2. Install the elevator mod (Links below)

3. Open up block launcher, open the little icon up to and go to “Manage modpe scripts” import local storage, then download and locate the mod

4. That’s pretty much it enjoy the mod! (USE MOD IN SURVIVAL ONLY) Creative has a few crashes when opening inventory 🙂


Elevator Mod Download 

Block Launcher for 0.13.0