Dinosaurs in MCPE!!! – Jurassic Pocket Mod in 0.13.0 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Jurassic Pocket Mod Overview

This mod adds a ton of brand new dinosaurs in minecraft pocket edition, this mod is based of the movie Jurassic wolrd/park and all of these dinosaurs in this mod have each individual custom sound effect which is amazing, Go check out this mod 🙂

Jurassic Pocket Mod Review

How to install this mod??

1. Download newest block launcher for 0.13.0

2. Download the texture pack (Scroll down for the links)

2. Open block launcher then go into “Launcher options” then “Texture pack” and IMPORT THE TEXTURE PACK FIRST!


3. Back out by pressing the back button and got to front page of Block Launcher

4. Go into “Manage ModPE Scripts” then “local storage” then “Download” and find the mod and import the mod (Make sure mod is enabled)


5. Back out and ENJOY THIS AMAZING MOD (Hope this helped in any way) 🙂



Jurassic Pocket Texture Pack

Jurassic Pocket Mod 

 Newest Block Launcher 0.13.0