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INSTANT HOUSE MOD in 0.13.1!!! – Amazing Builds/Structures – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Instant House Mod Overview Instant house mod for minecraft pocket edition! This mod adds a ton of housing structures that you can create instantly with just a tap of a screen! If you aren’t the best at building like myself then this mod is for you! Try the mod out (Android only) Instant House Mod …

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[0.11.1] GUARDIANS IN MCPE!! – Guardian Mod!! – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Guardian Mod Overview The guardian mob mod for MCPE! – This mod can be found on the PC version and not you can have this mob in MCPE!! This mod adds 2 mobs elder guardian and guardian and when going into survival shoots at you rapidly! Guardian Mod Review Guardian Mod Download 

Skateboard Mod: Minecraft Pocket Edition

Skateboard Mod Overview: Skateboarding in MCPE!! – Adds your very own skateboard in your Minecraft Pocket Edition world and is rideable and can do a few tricks on iron bard very awesome mod go check it out! Skateboard Mod Review Skateboard Mod Download

Aqua Creeper Mod : Minecraft Pocket Edition

Aqua Creeper Mod Overview: Adds a creeper fish in MCPE a new type of mob that you can have in your world, is also a PC mod! Aqua Creeper Mod Review: Aqua Creeper Mod Download

Minecraft PE Mod: Vending Machine Mod Download

Vending Machine Mod Overview: The vending machine is like the PC mod, you get 2 different types of vending machines.. one you get soda the other you get candy which is pretty cool! The soda vending machine when you tap the can on the ground you get powers like sprint, jump etc Rate 9/10 Vending …

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Minecraft PE Mod: Dragon Mod Download

Dragon Mod Overview: Dragon mod adds 3 types of dragons (Ender dragons) in your minecraft pocket edition and you can ride all 3 of them which is really awesome! – So this mod is useful if you want to get to places quicker in your world or you just want to have the mod to …

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