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NEW MINIMAP MOD in 0.12.1!!! – Minimap Mod v3 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Minimap Mod Overview This mod adds a minimap in mcpe, this is very awesome because now its much easier to navigate the world and also including the new update you can spot where the mobs are hiding so its easier to locate or avoid those angry zombies! Enjoy 🙂 Minimap Mod Review Minimap Mod Download 

MINIGAMES in 0.12.1!!! – Arcade Mod in MCPE – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Arcade Mod Overview Back with another mod showcase in this mod i show you guys the Arcade mod which adds a ton of new mini games to play like pacman, Snakes, Frogger, Mario vs DK, Galacta & MUCH MORE! hope you enjoy! Arcade Mod Review Arcade Mod Download    Use ES File Explorer (or similar …

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PC ITEMS MOD in 0.12.1!!! – Rabbits, Shulkers & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

PC items Mod Overview Today we have an incredible mod and that mod adds a ton of pc features added to MCPE! it adds banners, rabbits, enderdragon head, banners, stained glass, guardians, temples & SO MUCH MORE!! Enjoy the mod! 🙂  PC items Mod Review    PC items Mod Download (Music) PC items Mod Download …

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FURNITURE in 0.12.1 – NEW FURNITURE MOD in MCPE – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Furniture Mod Overview Today we have a brand new furniture mod for 0.12.0/0.12.1 which adds 2 different types of chairs, glass table, table, stool, oven and a lamp (This is version 1) you can dye different colors on the chairs and lamps which is amazing!! Furniture Mod Review   Furniture Mod Download 

MORPHING in 0.12.1!!! – Morph Mod in MCPE – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Morph Mod Overview Today i show you guys the morph mod for minecraft pocket edition which basically allows you to evolve into others mobs as-well as the new mobs in 0.12.1! I’m sorry for the no commentary on this video but i can’t talk because of my throat being sick sucks but this was the best …

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MEGA DROPPER 2 Ep. 1 – INSANE DROPPER in 0.12.0!!! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Mega Dropper 2 Overview Today we play Mega Dropper 2 which is kinda a remake of the famous mini-game “The Dropper” which is in PC and also PE but this is an amazing map! This is part 1 there will be a part 2 when completing the map! Leave a like if you would like …

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DUAL WIELDING in 0.12.0!!! – Dual Wielding Mod in MCPE – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Dual Wielding Overview In todays video i show you guys the Dual Wielding mod for 0.12.0/0.12.1 working on build 12 & 13!! This mod basically allows you to carry two swords or whatever item you want which is really awesome! Also pc have this feature in PE we don’t but with this mod now you …

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SUFFOCATING OCELOTS! – 0.12.0/0.12.1 -Alpha Build 13 Review! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Build 13 Overview So another build has arrived hopefully this is the final so we can get 0.12.0 on all devices full version! Sorry for the late upload was at college all day today and had no time 🙂 Build 13 Review Build 13 Changelog 

TOO MANY ITEMS in 0.12.0!! – Too Many Items Mod V2 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Too Many Items Mod Overview The too many items mod has arrived for MCPE 0.12.0/0.12.1!! This is the second version of the too many items mod which adds a few new awesome features and can no longer be useable on servers! Basically the mod lets u change to survival/creative add items, level up, night/day, AND …

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SUPER SHADER in 0.12.0!! – AWESOME SHADERS in MCPE!! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Super Shader Overview In today’s video i have the creeper shaders v2 for 0.12.0 and world on the latest build for MCPE which is currently build 12 when this was recorded, this shader adds a ton of new stuff like.. shadows, wavy leaves, wavy water, wavy clouds, lighting, sunlight & so MUCH more! Hope you …

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