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HYPIXEL in MCPE!!! – Official Hypixel Server – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Hypixel in MCPE Overview Hypixel server has been released for minecraft pocket edition this was in fact the bladestorm server all along but secretly was hidden from the public so they can fix bugs and add new things! Exciting new for minecraft pe today!! 🙂 Hypixel in MCPE Review Hypixel in MCPE IP & Port …

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HALLOWEEN TEXTURE PACK!!! – Spooky Mobs, Blocks & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Halloween Texture Pack Overview Halloween is coming soon why not show you guys an awesome Halloween texture pack for minecraft pocket edition! This has tons of cool features, red sky at night, scary mobs, nether portal, Nether, blocks & so much more! Enjoy 🙂 Halloween Texture Pack Review Halloween Texture Pack Download (Android) Halloween Texture …

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ADVANCE VEHICLES MOD!!! – Helicopters, Bikes, Cars & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Vehicle Mod Overview The mech mod is an advance vehicle mod which adds bikes, cars, sport cars, helicopters, UFO’s, Police cars, Bulldozers, Spitfire, Biplane & a TANK! – Also all vehicles have custom sounds which is amazing go ahead and try out this mod in your world! Vehicle Mod Review   Install Guide You need …

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MCPE 0.13.0 News Update – Buttons, Tripwires, Levers & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

0.13.0 News update Overview Today i have more information on 0.13.0 for minecraft pocket edition with the new update that’s coming! I talk more about redstone and that dispensers aren’t confirmed in this update, but the update is coming much sooner then we all expected which is exciting! 0.13.0 News update Video

SIMPLE SPIRAL DOOR!!! – Redstone Creations – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Redstone Creation Overview This is a simple 3×3 spiral door using the redstone mod for minecraft pocket edition! This should work on iOS as well (i didn’t test it but it should be the same as android) Just follow along and build this amazing spiral effect door in your world! Enjoy 🙂 Redstone Creation Video …

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POCKET CREATURES MOD!!! – Sharks, Horses, Snakes & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Pocket Creatures Mod Overview This mod adds over 50+ creatures in minecraft pocket edition its CRAZY! There are snakes, sharks, whales, tigers, rabbits, elephants YOU NAME IT! its all in this one mod go check it out! 🙂 Pocket Creatures Mod Review Pocket Creatures Mod Download 

HOW TO INSTALL MODS in MCPE!!! – Simple Installing Guide – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

How to Install Mods Overview Today i will show you all how to install any mods for minecraft pocket edition in the most simplest way possible! Some mods require you to import/install the texture Pack first and then the mod depending on what the mod is which can be confusing at times hopefully this helps …

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MORE GOLEMS in MCPE!!! – Golem World Mod v5 – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Golem World v5 Mod Overview This mod adds around 26+ NEW golems in minecraft pocket edition instead of having the ordinary iron golem in your world you can have some different types like dirt golems, oak golems, TNT golems and so much more! Enjoy the video —> Golem World v5 Mod Download  <— Simple Install Guide: Download …

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GRASS PRINT MOD in 0.12.1!!! – AMAZING Pixel Art in MCPE – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Grass Print Mod Overview The grass print mod for minecraft pocket edition! This mod allows you to basically select any image you want and print it into pixels onto the grass in only a touch of a button which is amazing and go ahead and try this mod out for yourself! Grass Print Mod Review …

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BLADESTORM SERVER 0.12.1!!! – Simon Says Minigame – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Bladestorm Server Overview Back with another 0.12.1 server for minecraft pocket edition today’s server has a ton of mini-games to play and one of them is called Simon says! Which is a game when you have to obey what Simon tell you to do if you don’t do it you loose! Bladestorm Server Review Bladestorm …

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