ADVANCE VEHICLES MOD!!! – Helicopters, Bikes, Cars & MORE! – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Vehicle Mod Overview

The mech mod is an advance vehicle mod which adds bikes, cars, sport cars, helicopters, UFO’s, Police cars, Bulldozers, Spitfire, Biplane & a TANK! – Also all vehicles have custom sounds which is amazing go ahead and try out this mod in your world!

Vehicle Mod Review


Install Guide

You need the latest version of BlockLauncher or the latest beta for the mod to work.

  1. Download the mod, textures and sounds.
  2. Open the BlockLauncher app.
  3. Begin by installing the textures zip.
  4. Then install the mod.
  5. Close BlockLauncher.
  6. The last thing which you need to install is the sounds. Use ES File Explorer/B1 Archiver (or some other file manager app) to find the downloaded sounds zip, extract it and then move the sound files to /games/com.mojang/MCPE_MECH/ (only move sound files here, e.g. wav, ogg and mp3 files). If the MCPE_MECH folder doesn’t exist already, then you need to create it yourself.
  7. You are now done and can go in-game using BlockLauncher and enjoy the Mech Mod

Download Mod
Download Texture 
(Optional) Download Sounds 

(Optional) Too many items mod
B1 Archiver